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Health Effects of Air Pollutants

The nature and extent of potential health effects that can result from exposure to air pollutants is dependent on a number of factors related to the......

Toxic Substance : Chemical properties - chemical structure
Physical properties - size, shape, solubility and vapour pressure
Toxicity - ability of contaminant to cause injury to biological tissue

Recipient : Genetics Sex
Personal habits Diet
Age Health status

Dose : Concentration in air Route and duration of exposure
Dose received by individual Dose-effect relationship

Environment : Temperature Humidity
Light and noise levels Pressure differences
Presence of other contaminants  

Click the following links to find out the health effect of each pollutant:

Gaseous Pollutants

  1. Sulphur Dioxide
  2. Nitrogen Dioxide
  3. Carbon Monoxide
  4. Ozone and Photochemical Oxidants
Particulates Pollutants
  1. Respirable and Fine Suspended Particles (PM10 and PM2.5)
  2. Lead


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