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FORECAST of Health Risk
Today A.M.
Today P.M.
General StationsLowLow to Moderate
Roadside StationsLow to ModerateLow to Moderate
Health RiskLowModerateHighVery HighSerious
AQHI Scale1234567891010+

(1) Time shown is in Hong Kong time.

(2) Concentration shown is in microgram per cubic metre (µg/m3).

(3) Abbreviation:
NO2 - nitrogen dioxide, O3 - ozone,
SO2 - sulphur dioxide, CO - carbon monoxide,
PM10 - respirable suspended particulates,
PM2.5 - fine suspended particulates

(4) For more information on the Air Quality Health Index and Added Health Risk, please visit <What's AQHI>.

(5) The AQHI information is based on real time data taken directly from EPD's Air Quality Monitoring Network.

(6) In case of equipment or station suspension due to repair and maintenance, the data collection for calculation of AQHI at station will be affected, the data of similar stations will then be adopted. Such AQHI will be shown with an asterisk.

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