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AQHI Alert Wizard

*** The software download and supporting services of AQHI Alert Wizard will be terminated on 23.02.2018. Users can still receive automatic health risk alerts via AQHI Mobile Apps or GovHK Notifications Mobile Apps. ***

Air Quality Health Index Wizard (version 1.3.3) provides automatic health risk alerts to the subscribers. After installed on the computer, when the health risk reaches high or above the preset level of the user, it will provide automatic alerts to remind the user to take appropriate precautions recommended.

Microsoft Windows version:

Free download of Air Quality Health Index Wizard (version 1.3.3) MS Windows 7 (English version, requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4).

Macintosh OS X version:

Free download of Air Quality Health Index Wizard (version 1.3.3) Mac OS X (English version, requires Macintosh OS X 10.4).

Last revision date:20:05 22-02-2018